Stars Hallelujah (djl4c) wrote in virgofairydrgn,
Stars Hallelujah

one more new quiz... i'm going to keep posting until someone yells at me to stop.

I'm a Purple Converse All-Star

In your circle, you're the enter: all activity revolves around you. Everyone knows that, to find out what's going on, you're the one to talk to. You're always "in the know" and you like it that way, and if by chance there's a party scheduled that you didn't plan yourself, you're the first to find out about it. You're the Point Guard, the Shawn Nash or Tony Parker of your social group, and without you everything tends to fall apart. As the ringleader, you're the one everyone looks to for leadership and you're the one that always delivers.

What color Converse All-Star are you?

as always, please post in your journal to spread it around a bit :)

as i start to make more i'll probably post all the newest once a week so i don't appear to be spamming.
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