Stars Hallelujah (djl4c) wrote in virgofairydrgn,
Stars Hallelujah

i recall my last quiz met with some approval and support around here, so i decided to bring y'all my new one :) probably not as interesting as the last, but some of you may find it cool.

I'd agree with the Boston Globe

"Even a doubter has to admit that on any terms 'Episode III -- Revenge of the Sith' is the real deal, an often awkward but nonetheless terrifically compelling high-stakes human drama."

"But I'll go on record as saying that it is, without question, the most emotionally powerful of the six."

"Some may ascribe the improvement to the uncredited assistance of playwright Tom Stoppard, who helped Lucas out with the script."

"With this film he makes amends, and in the process brings not only the biggest film series of all storming to an end but gives closure to a transformative mass-culture experience."

"George Lucas may still not understand the mysterious wiring of the human soul, but he knows the angry, idealistic dissatisfaction with life that drives us to make up legends in the first place."

Read the Full Review

What Star Wars Episode III review would you agree with?

as always, please post the results in your journal so the quiz can spread around :)
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