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EARTH: The Element of Earth is attached to the
Signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, and it also
rules the Second, Sixth and Tenth Houses. All
the earthy metaphors are appropriate here: salt
of the Earth, feet firmly planted on the ground
and so forth. Those graced by an Earth Sign in
their horoscope are practical, grounded and
dependable. These folks aren't taking big
risks, much preferring a sure thing.
Much like the Elements are considered the building
blocks in nature, Earth Signs are the builders
of the zodiac. To these Signs, creation is a
tangible proposition. Whether it's building
jobs or homes, or creating comfortable rooms
within that home through the acquisition of
possessions, Earth Signers are about all what
is solid around us. Those influenced by this
Element feel best once they have accumulated a
goodly number of worldly possessions. The risk
inherent in this, however, is that these
individuals may become greedy and far too
The Element of Earth also confers a sense of duty,
responsibility and reliability to those in its
sphere. These are the people you can count on
to be there when you need them. Those
influenced by Earth also tend toward caution
and conservatism, in both desire and approach.
That said, they are sensualists, certainly in
that they appreciate a good meal and fine wine
better than anyone else.
The logical mind of an Earth Signer is always
appreciated. In keeping with this measured
approach, these folks also display considerable
recuperative powers. On the flip side of
things, however, those supported by Earth may
be so caught up in their objectives that they
might overlook the feelings of others. It is a
big picture, after all, but these folks may be
more concerned with the finish line than the
journey they are taking.
Earth Signs are dependable, practical and
conservative, yet fairly materialistic. They
have their feet on the ground but their eyes on
the prize.

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Your element is Fire: Strong, hot tempered,
powerful, and passionate. Well now lets see,
being fire you are quite strong and powerful,
people look up to you greatly and often seek
your protection. You have the ability to gain
many friends and you are always one people can
count on to do what you say you will do. You
are extremely loyal be it friends or family
you'll stick up for them and you are never
willing to put them in a position that could
hurt them. You know what roll you play in life,
leader, and you intend to let people know it.
Not everyone is capable of leadership but you
certainly have the willpower and flare to do
it. You have quite a temper if it shows itself,
one that can often lead you into trouble. Once
your mind is made up there is no changing it
but no one said that was a bad thing.

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